Wednesday, January 13, 2016


One of the things that I just treasure about the Kingdom is its perspective on the new. We are a new creation.  We are anticipated to be new day by day.  New is a key factor of the God and man harmony.  Not so surprisingly, however, is that there is such disdain in churches for the new.

Of all of the places, churches ought to be the greatest stage for God to get to perform His talent.  Give Him room to show His stuff!

Yet, something happens to us.  The process is oh-so-slow.  Take a look at the difference between and newborn and a 21-year old.  Vast difference.  Age.  Yet it took every bit of twenty-one years.  And what goes on in that time is, while granted there are those natural processes of ongoing life, a vast amount of flexibility, ambition, imagination, and exploration begin to wane.

It is here that God's call for all to be born again is significantly vital as well as ultra-exciting.  The Fountain of Youth is to be a factual part of our spirits; not our flesh. Does this new mean that we never learn?  No it means we never quit learning.  Does it imply that we'll never know God?  No, it suggests that we will ever be discovering vastly new and most amazing dimensions of Him.

Mankind is forever attacked by arthritis of the joints of both thinking and believing. Our senses are to expand; not contract.  We are to allow the directives of the Living God to flow through our very beings.  This isn't a Sunday School lesson.  It is to be a Sunday through Saturday experience; all seven days.

Grow young.  And tomorrow find yourself even more younger than any yesterday.  This isn't a pretentious consideration.  It is His expectation of us, for us, with us, and through us. Never give up on becoming....becoming new in your approach to life.

Never settle for the mediocrity--or even he curtailment of getting to really live because the flesh is either tired...or afraid...or both.  We are called for more than decline; much more.  Think like a newborn; growing in mesmerizing wow!

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