Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Will one find high motivation to dig into spiritual matters because of assignments by a teacher to study a Bible text?  Maybe.  Would one be more likely to make significant changes when becoming acquainted with a neighbor who is of a servant heart? Possibly?  Should there be acceleration of faith interest when testimonies of conversion are given?  Likely.

But there is this one factor that seems to consistently determine whether one is driven to follow God or is indifferent.  The element?  Whether one feels lost.

There might be readers at the moment who....well it might be said are doing quite well; but inwardly it could be verified not so much.  It's a strange thing, life is.  When we seem to have a grasp on matters and everything is going our way there is consistent tendency to innocently assume we are doing fine without this religious stuff.  That's a trend.

And when one, however, finds that the bottom has fallen out of the stock market or the relationship that some begin to get smart.  Life is more than accomplishment; fame, finance, or otherwise.  Life is about the inner person; each of us has one.  God knows all about this as He, after all, created us.

So mark it down, if not now then for later, the very thing that might inspire a follower of Jesus is not that everything turns up roses; but rather that sometimes the thorns cause us to yelp for help.  No one understands pain like Jesus....and no one overcame it like he did.

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