Tuesday, December 08, 2015


For an intelligent human being to believe that God is actual and factual is a big stretch for some; really for many.  The Bible speaks of the concepts of God appearing foolish to many.  I get it.  I get the struggle to surpass the non-sensical barriers to believing God is real.

Therefore, consider the ant; one of the most intelligent and industriously well organized of it's very small world.  The ant has great knowledge regarding organization.  Community teamwork is on grand scale to the point humans marvel at their devotion.  The ant counters laziness and triumphs in construction.

But what if an ant were asked to believe on the human scale?

Could ants fathom ten miles?  Would they think a street light would be several ant-years away?   Do they send out sneeze warnings of which they cannot understand? How do ants view crossword puzzles?  What do they know about DVDs?  Or for that matter, bank accounts?  Jet planes must freak them out.

So it is with humanity trying to grasp the reality of God; His size, His power, His provision, and His creativity.  All we can do is go through the fragile and lower case terrain of earth while we occasionally gasp at the immeasurable size of the heavens.

Those ants....and us...bearing similar perspective in that we are both over-matched by the glory of something so large we can't contain the weight of knowing about it; the ants about us and us about Him the true, living, and magnificent God!

No wonder it is a stretch to believe Him; He's so immeasurable.  We are so little.

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