Thursday, December 24, 2015


Merry Christmas!

It is this time of year that is for the enthused all of us.  Only the adult-in-mind seems to grump and growl; might spew and sputter at this time of year.  The rest of us kids and kids-at-heart love, love, love Christmas!

Of all of the times that Jesus was teaching regarding we must become child-like in order to enter the kingdom of God, this time of year seems to display more clearly what he might mean.  The child-heart treasures life; especially at Christmas!

The aging process has an inbuilt problem.  It goes on unnoticed; really, neglectful of Jesus' plea.  We, instead, are taught to grow up.  The reason this is a concrete stress is that maturing has assumed to mean that we must become more logical, more reasonable, less wowed, and less enamored regarding our walk.

Of course, this requires a measureness (most likely I just made a logical/reasonable call), as we begin to believe that we are not called to be silly, foolish, and ridiculous. But this measurement does not/will not support our informationalistic adult agenda because faith very much tilts toward the foolish.

Thus, we must ever be on guard against guiding solid spirituality by trying to be book-smart and human-coy.  Adulthood must be aware of the cunning thief; that one that pleases itself by appearing all grown up.  In fact it likely desires to be so adultish that it cannot enjoy family, shopping, holiday emphasis or the thrill of the wonder of it all.

Jesus began his time on earth as a child.  He seemed to never have lost sight of the incredible moment.  He was so alive at every turn, every wave, every routine-to-others moment.  He really lived.  His Word calls for the same from us.  The Apostle wrote in First Thessalonians of the fact that he REALLY LIVED because of the faith of others.

That's what we are to do; really live!  Children tend to show us the trek, the course, the responsive wow at Christmas!  May we regain and maintain our childlike heart to REALLY LIVE because we remember the impactful secret of being as a child.

Take in the next few days, dear friend.  Don't be so distracted by the rude, the selfish, or the consumer-brained.  Rather, relax.  Notice the beauty of smiles, the warmth of friends, and the treasure of happy everywhere we turn.

This is how children see it!

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