Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Why is it that some people seem to have all of the right breaks when others can't seem to be as blessed?  Is it a matter of the luck of the draw?  Or, the spin of the wheel?  Or, that proverbial silver spoon?  What separates the haves from the have-nots?

I didn't know this for the longest time, but anyone who has a life of good fortune does so simply by a stroke of one thing; a decision.  We decide how our life shall go.  Oddly, that most likely just aggravated some who wish to blame; blame another person, blame a circumstance, or....blame God.

But it is quite true, whether one has a life of good fortune is dependent upon only one thing; our decisions.

The victory is found in our focus.  Every person I know--zero exceptions--experiences enough stress, even painful disappointment, to keep the depression mill a-going. Every person.  Not just the poor.  Not just the unemployed.  Not just the under-appreciated.  Not just the forgotten.  E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!

The difference between the succeeders and the failers is whether one decides to note the abundant blessings which are owned by every person; no exception.  There are a tremendous amount of poor, unemployed, and under-appreciated who are delightfully sweet and cordial.  Simultaneously, there is an adequate amount of the rich, famous, and blessed who are miserable snobs who seemingly cannot strike a pleasurable pose.

We.  Are.  All.  In.  The.  Same.  Boat.

Each of us faces enough threat and trouble; yet, if we could know about the real struggles of others which are going on behind the scenes, we would wrap our own pressures and count them as gifts.  I know of no man or woman who does not face impending heart-breaking disruption along the way.  But, the victorious choose--that's right, choose--to count their blessings; sometimes even due to the disruption.

A group of us got to meet with a middle-aged woman this week who has not had it easy. Her love abandoned her and their children.  She is a quiet, humble, lady who has seen her dreams crash against the shores of discouragement.

So do you know what she is choosing to do about it?  Efforts to reconcile have failed; but by faith she made a decision to transform this pain into a ministry of reaching to the lonely and abandoned of the divorced scene by developing an outlandishly good arrangement for a support group of these who face similar pains.

Cry?  Lots.  Decide to use it for good?  Scheduled for immediate ministry to encourage others.  This person decided to be blessed and to be a blessing.  It could have been easier for her to live in remorse.  But she made the decision to live otherwise.

To live a life of good fortune might begin by noting that our eyes just read these words as so many have no sight.  We might be thankful for what we have; which would be a very long list compared to what we don't have.  Gratitude sees that the glass holds water whether half full or half empty.

Any who live in misery live there only because we give ourselves permission.  We hold the key to the jail cell.  We determine if we enter to brood or if we break out of jail to enjoy a coffee when we want.  I spent too long unblessing myself with "what if" and "how come" questions while neglecting the fact that so much of what I had would be counted as wealth by others.

Good fortune isn't an inheritance of jewels, land, or finances.  It is rather the riches which pump like an oil field through the minds of winners who select the GLAD button over the SAD one.  Good fortune is always a choice....Romans 5:1-5.

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