Sunday, November 22, 2015


Life.  We can't live without it; but sometimes it feels like we can't live with it.  Suicides declare such in strongest terms.  It concerns me that so many haven't pulled the trigger or taken the overdose; but have ingested a thought process of sorts that declares life over; the remaining days will consist of breathing and sleeping.

I say to you--AGAIN--to never give up.

How?  Why?  Where?  What?  How to we approach such a call?

A transforming turn for me was when I truly began to understand (and believe) that even the negative stuff was useful for my good days.  Energy operates just as a battery; positive and negative posts.

An all positive way of life person is shallow; lives for self-pleasure, self-comfort; is sheerly selfish.  The all negative way of life person is shallow; lives for self-pleasure, self-comfort, etc. but can't obtain it.

It is the battery-post life that gives us energy.  We don't like the hits; but we must learn that even these dark times will be productive for we will one day know better than most how to truly support the next guy or gal who is encountering similar stressful moments.

The best help for any sufferer is to meet a friend who has both battery posts experience.

Therefore, fellow struggler, don't waste one moment of your breatheability.  Everything is going right; even when it looks wrong.  That's what the empty tomb of Jesus insists!

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