Saturday, October 03, 2015


Knowing God is the most fantastic experience known to man.  I'm surprised, myself, at what I have and continue to discover that I had no idea was available to our hearts. The wonder.  The curiosity.  All of these and more...simply fabulous.

Why is it that in reality so many avoid learning about the Life-beyond-possible-life order?  I offer thoughts fundamentally from observations made from living among wonderful and treasured individuals.

People-at-large avoid the pursuit of God because this is an invisible subject.  It can feel silly seeking what, in our minds, can't be seen.  Plus, such pursuit can feel far beyond one's comfort zone.  Since we never want to appear foolish, we tend to stick to our social script which would include staying away from discussing/learning about the spirit world.

This way we never look bad in front of anyone.  I find this especially true of any who are of fame.  These strongly wish to preserve their image.  The mission, then, seems to be to carry the look into the market place of one in control; certainly not a seeking of the Unknown.

This God-stuff is very real.  If we are to relate to Him and Him to us there will be a very necessary contour of vulnerability along our paths.  As flowers sprout from dead seed or bulbs into inexpressive beauty, so goes the spirit of man.  As the date is engraved upon the tombstone, there goes the public confession of x amount of years from Jesus' birth.

I urge you to avoid making a death-bed move of panic toward God.  Rather, make a life-bed action.  I, being a very frail person, was significantly intimidated to open my Bible. I didn't know where to a grown man.  But God has a way of finding us when we seek Him.

I urge you to probe.  It may take exertion.  It will take patience.  But I plead with you to come out of hiding behind your images of security.  This life, death, next life thing is certainly real.  Some are reading this who have significant public image.  I understand your hesitation.

Therefore, I would say to you, "I get it."  In the third chapter of John a leader named Nicodemas went to see Jesus by night; meaning he was sneaking along hoping to go unseen.  Some of us live there.  If you want, email me at We can volley ideas at your pace...and in absolute confidence.  Others won't know.

I encourage you to drop the robes of hiding.  Step into the waters of vulnerability. Expect to learn of Christian habits that are very poor image because they are man-made.  You have already surmised such.  Yet, these serve as mere distractions to keep us from inquiring as to whether this Jesus-concept has legitimacy.  Each of us can honestly anticipate learning great things about God far beyond our greatest imagination.

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