Tuesday, October 13, 2015


People are weird.  Have you not noticed?  Our egocentricity competes not only with everyone else; but even ourselves.  We have a knack of promoting ourselves while we put ourselves down more than any other(s).  Sorta weird we surely are.

So what I like about people is that regardless of social class, I know that each is but a little child in a grown body wishing someone would simply like them.  Do you see me? Would you find anything in me of which you would find approval?  Do you like anything about me?

People are created in the image of God.  We are creative, empowering, and fantastic. My heart goes out to every person I meet (every person I see) because my guess is that they have no idea just how majestic he or she are.

Clueless.  They may have taken/given so many hits it is likely that the sight of their own favored wonder from Father has been stolen.  Therefore, our job is to notice them, approve of them, and to....like them.

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