Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Groups, usually political is seems, salt society with strong calls for saving some portion of our great land.  Preserve the trees.  Preserve the whales.  Preserve the prairie. These groups and more are both animated and intentional about their causes.  Their voices are loud.  Their drive is firm.

Causes are valuable.  They create drive, intention, results.  These eventually define who we are, what we are about, and where we are headed.  It's what we basically eat, sleep, and drink so to speak.

While trees, whales, prairies, and other assorted causes are important, none are as paramount as those who strive to learn of God.  We are to live to preserve the people.

People.  Regardless of age, status, or lifestyle, people are suffering magnificent affliction.  We must help.  Is this not what churches are about?  Is this not precisely what separated Jesus from the religious leadership core?

People.  No one is exempt from repeated injury, pain, and offense.  Not one person.

There is vast need for ministry to friends, neighbors, and strangers because each breathing person possesses an inner ache.  Some are vocal, others keep quiet, while yet others can't figure exactly why their world seems to be marked with a constant something that doesn't feel right.

The church is at its best when it is about people.  Numbers can look like people; but in the end this can be mere camouflage for appearance of concern without actually interacting with individuals.  Ministries can be about people; yet can be a cover to be engaged in something we like without rubbing shoulders with the hurting.

I believe people are THE CAUSE worth complete sacrifice.  Jesus would direct our compassion even toward our enemies because they have been a targeted, possibly abused, people whose training never included the grace-filled breaks yours or mind did.

Trees?  Whales?  Prairies?  All are significant.  Could it be that if we could build up the people that these, in turn, would be the foundational source to treat God's vast creation with even greater respect and love?

My cause, our cause, the great cause is to inform the dear hearts of a crowded people that each is valuable, important, and loved.  Millions....have yet to hear those words.

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