Wednesday, September 02, 2015


I don't know about you.  For me, I want to see things going on (productivity/effectivity) while, simultaneously, I can't seem to get to them because so many things are going on. This is weird in a weird sort of way.

I am grateful, sincerely so, for technology's progress.  Yet, for every app and tool of creativity for advancement in usefulness these seem to beget a parallel interruption. Getting to write this blog, for instance, is like a dream in reaching to so many so quickly.  However, the number of times my computer bing-bongs me while I'm composing this seems to announce that I am falling behind.

Should you think I am about to pop a solution upon you, think again.  I'm not.  I simply want to say, Don't you love right now?  

While I don't know how to manage these days of opportunity and interruption, I certainly don't intend to fall for the fake life of misery.  What a glorious concept; active. I'm active!  I'm able to walk, talk, think, see, and hear!  These are gifts to my day...your day as well.

We get to be on the starting team of living among the living. Life hasn't passed us by. It has invited us in.  You.  Me.  We.  Opportunity and interruption are ways of life.  Let me say that with a bit more emphasis.

Opportunity and interruption are ways of life....not of death.  In death there is no opportunity and no interruption.  We choose to live!  So since we have made such a dramatic choice, don't you think it would be good management to like right now?  Don't you think it would be best not to waste time in frustration when such moments could be focused upon celebration?

See.  I thought you were a good thinker.  While we wish more would be happening, take note.  We are simultaneously walking and talking in the Center of Great Wonder.

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