Tuesday, August 04, 2015


Oooh!  The darts that fly toward us!

Do this.  Try that.  Quit those.  Stop.  Adjust.  Think.  Leap.  Refrain.   Decisions, whether presented or pushed, press in upon us perpetually.  It is a wonder one can ever relax due to the hard-hitting demands barking at our heels.

It seems that the only time we are permitted to feel good about our day is if it contains victories.  Yet, such isn't an accurate assessment.  That we learn from our failures is the secret code to success.  A pattern of incremental failures is often (if not always) backing the success acquisition.

Do not get discouraged when great intentions flip upside down.  Refrain from pity-parties.  These tend to be very lonely as well as misguided.  If we are going to experience failures --and we will and do--then what we must and can do is transform them into productive energy.

Problems come equipped with secret codes of solution.  They always come with a teaching manual.  We must learn to stop long enough to read it.  What is in this for me to learn?  How am I being built for advantage?  What might I gain from disruption that will bless a host of others?

Life is full; full of ups and downs.  Be challenged.  Don't dismiss the negatives for they are packed with rich minerals of potential.  You are not in stagnant state; but rather one of flexibility as you mature.  Stuff goes wrong for everyone.  Yet, we are different when we regard such momentary hiccups in life as blessings.

All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose...Romans 8:28.

We must never waste a good failure.

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