Friday, August 07, 2015


There seems to be a robust economy of worry throughout much of life.  Just like vices of over-spending or over-eating, I encourage you to tackle the monster of over-worrying.  This has been a significant challenge to me.

Worry is a natural to those of us who feel ill-equipped, under-educated, and out-classed.  Those who don't ponder what is lacking or could go wrong just don't understand how exhausting it is to live inside of our heads.  Our expertise, at times, is that we can take good news and crush it to death.

Worry started for me early in life.  Every last day of grade school I feared I would not be promoted to the next grade.  Getting all As, Bs, and Cs, somehow I felt I could soon discover that the others would move ahead without me.  Worry.  What would mom say?  What would it be like being in my younger brother's class?

I carried on like this for years.  I was a healthy man crippled in my mind.  When anything went wrong, I had already concluded it probably would.  I had a reverse sort of vision in that I could imagine what most likely wouldn't work.

But God changed this dilemma.  He told me not to worry.  What's weird is that I began to believe Him.  He knows how to take care of our day.  He runs the show.  I don't.  He is the Expert provider.  I am not.  God is the Professional supplier.  I am not.  My job is to believe Him.

Soon I am to go to a special event in St. Louis to honor a dear Cardinal friend of mine. I'm the luckiest person just to be invited by the family.  Yet, I can't get information as to where I'm to be and when I'm to be there.

So will I go to St. Louis and ever find these people?  Will I arrive only to find zero communication from those in the know?  At this moment, all I've got to work from is the schedule of events...with no location nor time.  Really?  And...I can't seem to get answers.

But...I'm not going to worry.  If I find the information, and I'm guessing I will but they are going to surprise me with it, I'll be there ready to go.  What, though, if the family doesn't remember to share these significant details?  I fully intend to not sweat the small stuff.

Days are brimming with delight.  My eyes see wonder.  My ears hear conversations. The left side of my body AND my right side still coordinate.  Plus...I did get an invitation to this event which is just a pretty big deal!

I hope it goes well.  It will.  Most likely it will go even better than I had ever imagined....for it usually does.  God's call for us to quit worrying?  Great, meaningful, lavish advice for the heart.

Everything is a YES...II Corinthians 1:18-20.

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