Monday, July 20, 2015


Jesus is amazing.  He is our light, our way, and our hope.

One of the many practical traits I find fascinating in him is his ability to not only walk on water; but to calm the very storm that wishes to push him off-balance.  We need this.  I want this.

Do any of you feel the maze of confusion seems to be swelling?  As in stormy?

If not reminded to keep our eyes upon Jesus, we will be mistakenly distracted into believing/developing concerns that aren't worthy of our attention.  We simply embellish them into existence.

Problems aren't our problem.  Forgetting to stay focused upon the Storm-stopper is our struggle from which all other struggle flow.

If we are going to do life...and we surely are...we must strive to increase in watching the one who calms the storms.  In him....we actually find the peace for which we hunger.

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