Saturday, June 20, 2015


Consistently our world is one huge battleground over something.  Property lines. Order of business.  Timetables. Whose turn it is.  The company's best direction. Church emphasis.  And then there is that all-encompassing "etc".

It seems the reason for persistent adjustments required is because God is real; so real that His creativity continues.  The business world sees it.  The church world fights it. The former races for the current marketing edge while the latter often sits argumentatively against change and, therefore, is quite stuck.

Sebastion Thrun, the engineer/inventor of Googles' self-driving X-car, tosses a significant question before us.  Now that we know what we know now, what's possible now?  This question answers my question.  There must be constant change because we are ever learning.

After forty-three years in ministry, I can't learn fast enough. The more I learn the behinder I become.  Once again...that's the signal of a Creator.

I am very challenged (being a newly 68 years old).  The Trinity won't change.  The call from above won't change.  But it will necessarily take us further than our advancement to this date.  While the Word of God won't change, it will demand that we do.

Because of the creative nature of our Living God, I cheer you on to be open as well as sensitive to make profound adjustments to your belief patterns and your life habits. Just as some who have given God little attention will be continually approached in some unforeseeable form, those of us who claim to follow Him must also remain on high alert.

We do not know it all.  For me, I don't even know it slightly.  But it surely is fun!

God is wild.  The Kingdom is awake.  Potential x Possible = A new kind of Productivity.

Why must there be constant change?  The answer is simple.  God is living and so are those who stretch to follow Him.  Stagnant; that's a term that might be reserved for some ponds, but never for His church.

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