Friday, June 05, 2015


Churches want people to join us.  We yearn for others to know Father the way we believe we know Him.  Fortunately, many walk toward us and eventually with us. Unfortunately, too many never look our way.  And more unfortunately, some among us take the same trek....away.

We aren't in the business of personal force toward anyone.  There is genuine love and interest for all.  Each individual is and should remain free to make individual choices from personal preferences.  So let's talk about those who never give a glance in our direction.

One of the whys may be that Christianity has dumbed down.  In places we have fought off the ridiculous look because we so yearn for society to accept us.  This has resulted in congregations focusing on organizational technique from man's best knowledge.  And this is killing us.

When I moved out of religious indifference at age 20 into Christian commitment, I quickly learned why several things of the Bible had ceased.  I was given proof-texts and bought into the lingo.  And yes, I do believe that there are certain things of the beginning church that are not effective today.

However, we threw the Spirit out in the baptism water.

Boldly standing against miracle, we settled for information management.  If we couldn't explain it, we didn't believe it.  Yet the virgin birth can't be explained.  Jesus taking on mankind's sins can't be explained.  How he was raised from the dead...cannot be explained.  These, my friend, are the basics to faith and yet we somehow accepted the decent without the wowing mystery of the very church we entered.

We have become a people long on answers and short on Spirit confidence.  The effective debater became the congregational hero when those who believed that God could do the impossible were regarded as fanatical.

Religion, true religion, moves by faith.  Faith is convinced that what doesn't appear to be anything is just the opposite.  Faith is the miracle.  Yet, for many churchers, faith is an initial step for some doctrine or formula.

I've been very discouraged lately.  Yesterday I reached a point where I told Him I that I was at the end of my productive rope and that I needed to see Him in movement. Twice, at the end of my ability, God showed up with testimony from others that was relievingly affirming.

Our lives get bogged down with our responsibility combined with our talent.  After a bit or a long-haul, we eventually wear thin.  This is life on the non-miracle side.  Quite mistakenly we buy into the idea that if it is to be it is up to me; my stance, my understanding, my skill.

This approach has led me to believe that faith is all about my control; not about God's intervening  and active grace.  We have tried to tie His hand behind His back and replaced it with two of ours.

I encourage you that to live by faith is something more than an occasional good deed here and a smattering of forgiveness there.  It is a real person walking a real road believing our real God can do things we can't imagine nor muster. the miracle for modern day.  Control less.  Believe bigger.  Watch more happen.

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