Tuesday, June 02, 2015


It is such a challenge being a person.  Have you ever noticed?

One of the strongest difficulties is a family who seems to live on every one's street.

Meet the Ruption twins, Dis and Inter.

These two are not easy to handle.  They are truly a hand full.  Their cousins are of the Un family; Ruly and Grateful.  What a mess!

Just about the time we think we've got them groomed, Dis will jump from a tall building and then Inter screams for assistance from a totally unforeseen circumstance.  Their stresses are constant. Their challenges?  Relentless.

We are forever on our toes, so it seems because these two don't seem to understand the rules.

Yet, God has the solution.  Philippians 4:4-9 is a mind-saving text.  Thanksgiving is the process and peace is the result.

I encourage you that every person is directly related to the Ruption twins.  If Dis is here on Monday, we can watch for Inter to show some other day.  We must not believe that these two run the show.  They don't.

The Spirit of God does.

Give thanks.  Live in peace.  God knows how to provide the abundant life He has promised each of us.

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