Tuesday, May 05, 2015


We are victims of a fine process called being alive upon earth.  It's fascinating.  It's glorious.  It's too much for the mind to absorb.

So I say, remain open to absorption!

We have so much to learn, so many truths to discover, and such depth to explore; and I'm merely pointing right now to the Bible.

Mankind is to be richly blessed by God, by His Son, by His Spirit, and by His Word. The riches contained are every bit as valuable, more so really, than perfect gold. Profound undoing of routine boredom sits unsurveyed in many homes between two leather flaps; the Bible.

We search the world over for the awesome and the exciting.  Unique wonder is spoken within God's directives.  Yet, this word-power has been fundamentally dismissed as weak and useless.  Sunday Schoolish is given dismissive regard.  This is a grave mistake.

One of the greatest surprises I discovered in the church is the ever-increasing, always-ongoing working nature of God.  I assumed He was perched upon Heaven's balcony overseeing His creation.  I mean this with beyond imagination distance as a part of the picture.

But the opposite is true.  The Living God is currently active, sensitive, and attentive. He lives to be engaged with His people.

God supplies.  He listens.  There is actual interaction to be involved between Creator and creature.  We don't send up prayers by spouting out words of helium nature.  No, we express our praise and our needs in relationship to Father; the very one who invites us to accept Divine connection.

Therefore, there will be of necessity on-going learning involved.  God is always more than we can imagine.  As our imaginations grow as to who and what and how and when and where He works, God ups the ante for He is beyond measure.  He is knowable; yet, His reach will never be captured by the minds of men and women.

Whatever man can do, God can out-do.  At age 67 I enter every day as if I am in Kindergarten in the Kingdom for that's exactly how far I have arisen.  Truthfully, I most likely just bragged as God would say I have not reached that stage as of yet.

We must not be discouraged with being overwhelmed at the awe of God.  We are to be elated; filled with thanksgiving.  Jesus displayed the nature of Father in his words and deeds.  We are still trying to catch up and catch on.

There will always be among us the on-going necessity of learning about God...because He is so massively, uncaptureably, Truth in the finest rank of reality.  May we enjoy...thoroughly enjoy...the search as He chooses to reveal His marvelous ideas one speck at time.

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