Saturday, May 16, 2015


One of the great fruits of the Holy Spirit is patience.  Recalling that the fruit of the Spirit is available because we can't pull it off from the flesh will-power, we will do well to be disciplined to step back and wait.  Let God run this show.

Impatience is not the fruit of the Spirit.  It is the fruit of those of us who wish to be in control.  Keep the schedule.  Hold up the agreement.  Function on all eight.  In other words, suck it up and get going.

Action is assumed to be verification of our commitment even if it is rough, awkward, and oft times questionable.  Waiting is seldom regarded as action; but oh it is very much so.

The very lack of patience is why some devoted Christians don't reach to their neighbors.  They want to see action now; quick response to an invitation or a Bible study.  These want to see results; otherwise, not to bother.  And it's here, this moment of hurry-because-I'm-impatient that our efforts fail.

The work of God does sometimes develop quickly.  Many times, though, it takes years if not decades to evolve into the productivity we had hoped.

Impatience says that if things don't change, I'm outta here.  Patience says I'm not leaving for God will work.  Impatience says others are ignorant.  Patience says I, too, was lacking and as God has helped me He will surely be faithful to others.  Impatience snaps fingers of law.  Patience willingly waits for the God-sized produce to be seen.

In this age of instant--and it didn't start with Instagram but with instant oatmeal--we have become a society of the quick.  Quick bows its neck against wait.

I see this in grocery stores.  Long lines cause some to break out in a rash.  I was once one.  But I've learned to like right now; even in long lines.

Look at the wonder of right now.  I get to stand in line; not sending my kids because I can't stand on my own.  I'm looking at the long line; not blind because I lost my eyesight a few years back.  And I've got money to pay for these items; where so many others wish they had the money and the eyesight and the stamina to wait in long lines.

There isn't much that ails us that Holy Spirit patience wouldn't cure.  Upset with another?  Patience will help.  Discouraged with plans?  Patience will prove your friend. Distracted by interference and interruption?  Patience is our fruitful born-out-of-the-holy colleague.

There seems to be a steady flow of items which run past my mind; uncertainty, stress, personal violation, disappointment in others...or self.  Precisely at these valuable moments we can be confident that patience is one of the holy factors that will make our day!

How long do we have to wait for patience?  It is here now in Holy Spirit form.  Our problem is that we thought we were to control our patience.  Rather we are expected to yield to His....Gal. 5:22-23.

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