Tuesday, April 14, 2015


A phrase I like to repeat is, Don't you love right now?  

The reason I developed it is twofold: (1) I often failed to notice the delight of any given moment, and (2) I did so because I was so easily distracted by the negatives.  And, yes, negative matters are always hovering; but so are the positives...always.

We must be alert to our own lives.  Are we living or are we merely existing?

If only getting by, we will become subject to dull routine that will eventually wash away beauty and wonder and hope.  Should the latter happen, it is then that we will have entered into an unconscious sort of living.  Cataractive formation of the heart will deter our excitement and engagement for robust living.

We want to change this...right?

It is more than a bit ironic that in this age of electrifying media blitzing there is such an abundant boredom which can become so seemingly dominant.  In touch with the whole world as never to this extent before,  subconscious unconsciousness is a strong trend.

Charles Colson references George Orwell's novel 1984 where he states, It struck him (Orwell) that the truly characteristic thing about modern life was not its cruelty and insecurity but simply its barrenness, its dinginess, its listlessness.  And it continues, Orthodoxy means not thinking, not needing to think; orthodoxy is unconsciousness.

Unconscious living numbs us to the world around.  We can go through the in-and-outs of repetitive eating, working, enjoying, sleeping without interaction with the disturbed, the lonely, even the homeless.  A steady diet of safety and comfort will essentially deaden our spirits which were created by the Spirit for incredible, satisfying adventure.

Finally, the great danger to unconscious living is that we will go through life without thinking, without imagining, without risking.  If we do not correct this trend, dullness will set in to the extent that the heart will eventually atrophy.

The good news is that the Jesus of the Resurrection provides incredible emphasis for new life, new direction, and new hope; not within our control, but within his. Regardless of how low one has seen life become, there is great and strong reason to possess a new kind of hope.  Hope is where we gain the courage to change the things that need to be changed.

I say....go for it!!

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