Thursday, April 30, 2015


This fast-paced lifestyle of ours isn't good for us.  Never has it been more accurate than now to say that time seems to be flying.  We are bombarded with too many things to remember, too many matters to attend, and too many details to fulfill.

We are living in a land of the bombarded.  We, the care-takers of our walk, have inadvertently become targets rather than trying to live on target.  Our minds are in constant distraction while our responsibilities cover a plethora of variational obligation.

Should you think I'm yelling at you, I'm not.  I don't intend to be the dog barking at your wheels as you drive by on your way to your next appointment...possibly running a bit late.

I'm merely saying fatigue sets in on my spirit because I live in a marvelous time of opportunity.  Back from St. Louis this week.  Off to LA next week.  And, I love every bit of it.  I'm just saying I live where some of you do.

So of course I offer the age-old warning that still must serve as a constant reminder. Live in pace with Jesus.

I told myself that when the kids were out on their own that my life would slow down. Not a whisker.  When I watch Jesus (and no he didn't have an automobile, Internet, cell phone, nor a membership at the Y), he was always engaged in the most amazing moments.  Yet, these seemed to consistently follow time spent with Father.

I encourage you/me/we to keep working at spending time with Father.

We can and will resist this plea.  We believe ourselves too busy.  Our lives look like a person whose car is about to run out of gasoline; but doesn't have the time to stop to fill it up.  When running on empty, eventually parked along the roadside as stranded, one discovers it takes much more additional time and cost to do what should have been done back at the intersection with three gas stations.

But we get too busy.  And our busy isn't trivial.  All of it matters.  Yet, Jesus warned Martha of this in the book of Luke when she was miffed over Mary lounging at the voice of Jesus when there was preparation needed in the kitchen.  Too, it was this same Martha who was later miffed when discovered that her brother had died and Jesus didn't "hurry" to get there in time.

John 11:20 has an interesting take; Martha therefore, when she heard that Jesus was coming , went to meet Him; but Mary still sat in the house.  Mary "still sat"? Evidently there was something within her spirit due to learning from Jesus, rather than always busy, that put the calm in her.

Before we run into our calendaric demands or even our upsetting crises, we will do well to learn what it means to spend time in the calm reflection of the presence of Jesus. He makes such a difference.  This hinges on where we choose to be spending time.

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