Saturday, April 11, 2015


Loneliness is some weird sort of self-sentencing imprisonment that breaks the heart. With malls, streets, and sporting events flourishing with crowds, this matter at hand is exacerbated.  Wonderful people hurt privately and deeply due to being overlooked by these and other masses.

I wish to be more than sympathetic.

I wish to be quite helpful in breaking these tightly gripping bonds.

A reverse of usual course is probably all that it would take for so many who feel rejected and lost.  By reversal, I mean that God's system works in sowing and reaping. The reaping is never ahead of the sowing.  In order to be recognized, one must first recognize.

Taking personal inventory of sustained neglect is not a help.  Expressing interest in others is the seed that will give delightful returns.  Authenticity is key.  To be attentive for the sake of receiving is not being attentive.  That's merely another form of self-serving manipulation for the purpose of being noticed.

Every person on earth is lonely.  Every one.

Our role is to build others.  When we do so by our words and our actions, there is something divine involved in that God will see that we receive adequate encouragement.  This is a kingdom law.

The way God would have us break the bonds of loneliness is to exert what energies we have to cheering others on; regardless of social, educational, financial, or any other label of comparison.  We are needed by others.  Needed is a powerful word in this discussion.

No one needs another voice calling poor me, sad me, forgotten me.  Rather each is in need of hearing how could I help you, what could one do for you.  The quickest way to cure a lonely heart is to investigate how we could lift others' spirits.

Nothing seems to send happy through our bodies like noting another expressing joy and gratitude over something we have offered.  Offering to others is so different from needing for me.  Serving others is God's deep nature.  Involved in this is the fulfillment of sensing purpose and meaning.

For our moments when we wish someone would say something good about self, if we were to hear it we would likely waste it for seeking such is like trying to fill an eternal hole.  It ain't gonna happen because when centered on self, and self only, nothing satisfies.  We always want more.

God knows how to break the bonds of loneliness.  His Son was alone in the Garden and died, later, atop a lonely hill.  A fascinating part of this story is that Jesus accepted such rejection for the sake of others; frail ones as you and me.  The result was that Jesus was raised on the third day.

So you?  Me?  Yes, we have those moments where we are slapped with fierce and painful rejection.  Our calling is to note the opportunity.  If we will continue to lay down our lives for others...for OTHERS....FOR OTHERS....FOR OTHERS...Father will be back with a rewarding kind of new life (called resurrection) that we could never have created nor caused by our own skill-set.

The ailing and negative bonds of loneliness will be greatly diminished when we quit inventorying how others attend to us.  When we give our lives to others, it is at this juncture that we find meaning.  Life has been created to die for others that they might come to life...II Cor. 4:12.

Who reaches to you is never the question.  Whom did you extend a loving hand toward is.  Loneliness....please take your seat.  You don't run our show.

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