Wednesday, April 08, 2015


There seems to be two main things about faith that always remain the same things; God and people. Jesus addressed these two entities when he spoke of the greatest commandment and the second being like it.

Christianity is always on its strongest run when God and people are at the front of all other details.  Man, however, has an itch to make religion something more than it is supposed to be.  First, we seem to make it difficult.  Second, we shirk responsibility for abiding by these two commands with a strange ability to try to live the line of faith; but with perpetual distraction.

First, the difficult part seems to arise because we carry an urge to be in control.  The way we, then, pull off our control is to make rules of what others can and can't do, can and can't eat, can and can't wear, etc. It seems that the more Christian principles are manufactured there is a simultaneous distancing from a relationship with God and with neighbors as duty/rules have now become the focused driving force.

Second, we are in constant need of practicing the discipline to stay on course. Distractions are everywhere.  They are everywhere and they are many.  Great, strong, vibrant faith is taken to task by hundreds of lesser formations which pull we believers into doctrines which God has named as lesser by naming which two are most essential for faith.

That professing believers deeply desire rules over relationship has set the stage for a most deadening quagmire of circularly dread-ended, always-busy never-accomplishing system which takes much human effort to keep afloat.  Stories amass as to the divisions among us in the name of everything conceivable under the Christian umbrella except for the two main things; adore God and treasure others.

Essential faith is the breakthrough to our stagnancy.  It will set us on proper trek to believe God and to believe in others.  While we will give attention to God's other very important commands, we will not lose sight that the main two are always the main two. No amount of lectureship discussion nor authorship revelation will arise to the fact that Christianity will step up to the plate more effectively when devoted to His top two commands.

Our culture is in desperate need of essential faith.  It can, does, and will come from us as we give heed to becoming more and more the reflection of Jesus rather than the distraction of our best argument.  Our wonderful communities are not in need of debate.  They hunger to find someone who cares.

May we love God to the extent that such a relationship would allow Him to send us back out into the wonderful world to love people...just as He sent Jesus.

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