Sunday, April 05, 2015


I don't know about you, but I find myself forgetting more than I seem to remember.  It seems (and I could be mistaken) that there are so many more things to track these days.  If this is the case, we must be on alert to pay attention; that the main things are still the main things.

We live in such a competitive world where so many avenues of possibilities compete for our attention and our time.  If not disciplined, we will hurriedly be doing twenty things with mediocrity rather than three things efficiently.  Spread too thin, we may find ourselves accomplishing very little well.

For my walk, I have had to learn to back off of travel schedule and appointments.  Very good opportunities come our way.  Yet, we must try to do a better job of doing a few things well rather than many things haphazardly.

If not handled with care, our children and our families will suffer foundational rot because we jumped on too many band-wagons which seemed to sooth our momentary/temporary whims.  Children don't know any better.  We should.

Routine life is bombarded by distraction.

To refuse invitations to participate can seem insensitive; possibly offensive to the inviter.  Truthfully, those who run another scheduled calendar event past us are also often out of control when it comes to being distracted.  These/we seem to be forever on-the-go while wondering where the time went.

Be encouraged.  Like right now.  See it.  Observe it.  Slow it.  Marvel a bit longer.

Even at the urgent plea of Martha to come quickly, regarding the death of her brother, Jesus possessed the socially unacceptable trait of refusing to move on his own timing.  He waited.

I believe it to be a strange truth that while we/when we live hurriedly we experience grand waste of both time and life.  Do we tend to look at living like we do money; regardless of how much we have, we need more?  Why not live in thanksgiving that what we have is pure

Allow the some-days and the hope-so moments to come our way.  But for now...for right the moment and treasure it.  Do not let distraction of so many things rob you of the extremely valuable few things which perpetually thrill the heart.

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