Saturday, September 28, 2013


Now I've done it!

This week I let Jason Thornton talk me into being a member of the mankindhood world of Facebook.  After consulting other staff members, I yielded against my better judgment.

They said I needed it.

They said I would like it.

I signed on not understanding ANYTHING about Facebook.

Yikes!  What kind of can of worms are these?

I'm in the office this morning and I can see I have it; but I know nothing about it.  I just sit and look at it. Am I to click something?

One son, Tim, posted, this won't turn out well, while daughter Wendy texted me; Dad is that really you?  
I'm the man who, twenty years ago, didn't want to move from keyboard to mouse.  Let me restate, I didn't want to learn to use a mouse!  Then I didn't want email....or blog....nor texting.  Now I use all of these with greatest of ease.

However, I Facebook looks like a different creature.  54 signed on within the first hour and I don't know what they signed on for.  I looked at my wall (?) or page (?) or something this morning and I understand exactly NONE of it.

I think my staff just may have tricked me.

Is there any way to get these worms back into this can?

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