Friday, September 06, 2013


You know what I mean, don't you, when I reference those we know as big?  These, in our estimation, have made it to the top.  From Max Lucado to Beth Moore to Ricks Atchley and Warren to Andy Stanley, we perceive these as nearly unreachable both in relationship as well as talent.

These seem to be the cream-of-the-crop with God-blessed destiny.  We treasure their teachings, their walks, and their well-known successes.  Off in a private corner we somehow believe if we had the breaks these did, we too would be somebodies.

Yet, there is a huge God-secret about each.  Power is perfected in weakness.  If any of these five (and you have your own list) were trying to do their work from political schemery, we would smell it out.  The authentic always have one thing in common--the God-secret--each is nothing but sheer and unglorified weakness.

Not that we are adequate in ourselves for our adequacy is from God, insisted Paul, is the God-secret about them.....and you....and me!  Nothing more!  Our problem, as was expressed to young Timothy, is that we have tried for formulate what will work but have denied His power; the Holy Spirit.

Power is perfected in weakness, speaks consistent Paul,  for when I am weak, then I am strong.

Weird aren't we?  Weakness is the last thing we want and is the only thing that leads to the strength we wish we possessed.  God.  God is up to His usual baffleistic moves that one will either enter by faith or will not enter at all.  No one would believe this theme from education nor from robust research.

The bulb only works if the power is on.  The believer's only effectivity is truly the same.  We have spent far too much time trying to make our churches, our ministries, and ourselves powerful.  Yet, we continually seek such in the latest publication or hottest DVD.

Power, however, is only found in the Holy Spirit and the Word insists we have denied Him.

Terry, we have heard you say this before.  And, I intend to continue to say it for the global church is effective when connected to the power and exhausted when not.  Regardless of knowing this truth, ministry is just too tempting to take the bull by the horns and throw in our muscle; more form and no power.

The God-secret about those we call big?  They are big and honorable because through their availed weaknesses they allow the Spirit of God to shine....very brightly!

May you and I have the humility to do the same!!

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