Thursday, August 29, 2013


The news out of Syria isn't good.  It hasn't been good from pockets of the Middle East for quite some time. We appear to be poised for yet another war.

Before we brace for adjacent attacks upon American entities which might include some upon American soil, I would ask if we believers are also poised for possible hostile circumstances.

We must be ready.

We must be prepared to do our best work.

Do the words poor, helpless, and downtrodden ring a bell?  All calamities produce these three zones.

Uprooted, people enter into days of franticism and nights of terror.  These are poor, helpless, and downtrodden.  And truthfully, we don't need a new war to birth such extreme standards; they are already present.

We have immediate connection due to the nature of the Kingdom of God.  We live to assist, to revive, and to resurrect.  Ours is the mission of Jesus.  And, His mission is within this terrain of deep need.

I like Henri Nouwen's observation; there is connection with the blessing given by God and the blessing given by the poor.  Blessed are the poor in spirit seems to be the opening line of His many public speeches.

Let not fear intimidate.  Rather let mission ignite.

Life isn't about whether one is safe.  It is about the heartbeat of Jesus in the center of each dilemma and disorienting circumstance.  Ours is not to flea in cowardice but to move forward into heroic warfare to benefit the riches known as the poor.

Always hope.  Never shrug with indifference.  Refrain from fear.

Jesus is the Life and Solution to all conflict.  By spiritual nature we are to be set for grand and glorious response when calamity is presented.

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