Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Some church members find it easy to reach to relatives and neighbors. However, most find it to be painfully uncomfortable. I once nervously and guiltily (is that a word?) looked the other way for I did not know how to reach. Today is new! I know how. I don't know all of the ways; nor do I know the best ways. I just know how! One way that works for me is to enter during casual talk about how wrong I got ministry; that I was rigid and mean and critical. It is just weird how many times the question comes back, "Well what changed you?" When I tell them that I quit preaching church and began to preach Jesus, then he changed me, deeper inquiries follow. It has been assumed we need to know answers before we could reach out. Not so. We need to know Jesus, admit our weaknesses, and watch doors open in favor of learning about God.

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