Friday, June 21, 2013


Has the church in America become politically laden?  I wonder.  In addition it would seems ponderable that she has also become economically driven.  Possible?  And rather than purity for Jesus, have we become socially hamstrung?  Likely.

Politically, we look out of the corner of our eyes to see if our people approve of our stances.  We surely don't want to upset the guards of the church.  Economically we search for innovations which sell seekers on our offerings.  And then socially, we fight the trend of society being against religion to the extent we focus upon that which will please the whims of our critics.

Within all three examples there are glimpses of proper behavior.  We do want others to note our godly positions, see our strengths which would bless them, and we desire not to be absurd in our outreach.  Yet, even the combination of these three trip up the church if one ultra-main factor is forgotten or ignored.

I speak of Jesus.

Jesus is too often substituted for brand name of the church, ministry of the church, or popularity of the church.  We can be big on church and short on Savior.  We can be strong on doctrine and weak on relationship.  Too, it is not unusual to find us active in attendance and distant on service.

Jesus is church life.  Jesus is salvation.  Jesus is the drawing card and the keeping card.

Each of us will gain momentum in the Kingdom if we will give increasing attention to the King.  Every pulpit, every eldership, every parent would find greater and fuller life if we were to honestly be given to Jesus rather than the twenty distractions that keep us devoted to our churches.

Matthew 7:21-23 comes to mind.

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