Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The church has always been strongly opinionated about behavior; not as much about belief. 

Beliefs?  Yes.  Belief of, in, and through God?  Not so much. 

Tullian Tchividjian penned, Our survival mechanism is to measure spiritual maturity almost exclusively in terms of behavior--what we do and don't do.  Only the "toxin" of God's grace can turn that mechanism upside down.  Real spiritual progress happens when our typical natural understanding of progress is rooted out.  The key to Christian growth, then, is not first behaving better; it's believing better--believing more deeply what Jesus has already accomplished.

In general, the American church is experiencing fundamental stagnancy because Tchividjian's observation is right on.  We have traded a belief system for a behavior code and then failed (on many fronts) in both.  Even belief (system) has taken a deep hit for such has been focused upon believing right things the right ways instead of believing the right person.

I reference first and foremost myself.  My past is not a religion in vain.  However, it is marred by debate and control over matters that had to do with flesh-behavior religion more than it had to do with the risk all for Jesus.  This pattern continues. 

Watch the trends.  Orphan's homes?  Christian colleges?  Worship?  Women's roles?  Music?  Bible versions?

Where is the Jesus trend?

I believe two things about that question.  1) I'm sure there have been many voices calling for such a trend; but I was too steeped in my decent and in order enamorization that I didn't hear.  2) Next, I believe the call is growing and more are hearing.  I want in on that one. 

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