Friday, January 18, 2013


I really like Gregory of Nyssa's, Concepts become idols. Only wonder understands.

Brian McLaren followed with, This is why I believe that in the end, the most important thing you can communicate to anyone is something beyond your logic and arguments---your own humbled sense of wonder, passion, and love---the very things that canned formulas have a way of squeezing out.

Logic is sacred to some; maybe to most of us.  It gives us measurement, definition, and even much needed stability.  Yet it should be noted that logic is especially in sync with the flesh side of our walk to the extent it often could vote against wonder and awe and mystery. 

When the spirit of man begins to take on stronger form from the guidance of the Spirit of God, inner conflict arises.

Peter walked on water (not logical) and was saved by reaching for Jesus' extended hand (logical).  He also walked out of a prison set free by angels (not logical) on his own two feet (logical).  He was deeply pained at Jesus' death (logical) and was overjoyed at his resurrection (which was not a logical development).

Therefore, our guard needs to be against petty logic; arguments that bring pleasure to fleshly concentration, but are completely indifferent to the possibility (even probability) to spiritual reality of any given moment.

Petty logic's misplacement shows up when the wonder of faith's imagination is overruled.  If not careful, a walk in the church's routine life can be attributed more to petty logic than a risky astonishment and surprise from God.  I believe He wants us to possess the latter....and so do we.

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Garrett and Courtney said...

Well said Terry, having grown up in some of the more conservative establishments of our religious tribe I was taught from a young age that the illogical workings of God had ceased to exist. I need to thank you for your dedication to the Tulsa ISWW, this yearly trip is one of the few things that kept me hoping for more. Only after finding Heritage Church of Christ did I begin to understand the awe inspiring, completely illogical mysteries of God that surround my day to day existence. The Holy Spirit is the most illogical thing I have even encountered. But as I have finally begun to learn, a logical mind cant deny its workings.