Monday, November 19, 2012


I have come to realize that life is streaming into focus on many fronts.  I have focused on so many avenues of kingdom efforts and fought valiantly against my fierce failures.  Yet, one thing has caught me off guard that I gave no attention.

Jesus was a religious entity of importance to me.  Yes, in reality he was Truth; but he was not the Way and the Life in my faith....just the offering loud, bold, egotistical Truth.

Sure.  Jesus is the Truth.  The church hammered into me with profound intimidation and threat if I should ever vary.  Even much of that Truth was not the truth we had been firmly declared.

The Way?  The Life?  Mattered not to me.  I (and we) were about Truth and I was not about to balk at our ingrained church code and lingo.

But what about those Way and Life parts?

The first transports the Truth and the latter expresses it. 

I really didn't know my Way.  It was a shock as to how foreign it finally was for me to simply watch Jesus move about.  Whether countryside or lakeside or city street, I learned to study his social moves.  His tender heart for the underdog went unmatched.

Too, I really didn't know true Life.  It was a religious order that I knew which included many noble concepts.  Yet I was filled with pouting, with jealousy, with anger, and with neurosis.  I was trying to cause programs and the church that backed them to live.  And I couldn't get it done.

I was a failure for all to see.

By His grace I learned to calm down, enter into His peace, and watch Jesus.  Watch him think.  Watch him weigh concerns.  Watch him respond.  Watch him never get rattled.  Watch him clearly stand without being nervously defensive.  Watch.

I still watch Jesus for he is more than the name that endorses prayers.  He is the Way and the Truth and the Life.  The church would be a new sort of entity if it would loosen its prideful grip on what little Truth we know and begin to rush headlong into all three. 

As we increase in our experience of the Way the Truth and the Life, we seem to notice God is right there with us.....just as He had promised.  There is every reason to believe that today is actually newer than any day yet....II Cor. 4:16-18

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