Sunday, November 04, 2012


I know.  The title of this post could seem profane to a few.  Rather what we have done in the name of Truth has been the truer profanity.

Our Church of Christ tribe is equal in bias mistakenism to many others by our insistence that we do things the Bible ways.  This has been addressed, has it not, with great attention.  However, we remain guilty of that which we have been repeatedly informed.

The Truth is we do many things well from Bible authority.  Great blessings flow.

From my personal and useful struggle through the delightful maze of learning, however, I have been found to approach the Word from defense rather than eagerness to absorb.  By my intent to be faithful to the Bible, I found myself abusing it.  I would not let it speak to me except through the Restoration Movement's eyes.

Bad mistake.  Tragic mistake.

Among us---and many other tribes---too many carry Bibles as proof texts only.  Proof is surely a Bible concept; yet it turns our faces beet red when calling us to a relationship with God through the Spirit in the name of Jesus.  Many are not sure we should go that far.

Jesus is the train wreck that must happen to any tribe.  He will not let us continue to do church our smug and small ways.  Yes, narrow is the way; but narrow isn't that we don't allow much.  Rather, narrow is defined by one singular Son of God named the author of salvation....and no one else.

Many do many things biblically well.  I have grave concern, though, for any who sit in Church of Christ houses believing where they roost is proof of their destiny.  Again, I speak from what I was taught when converted and believed well into my preaching ministry.

Could it be that the truth is we miss the truth by being obsessed with it?

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