Friday, November 23, 2012


I still want to reach the world...the whole world...the dyed-in-the wool and the new-generation world.

We must never let up on pondering, praying, probing, and pursuing ways to persuade others to follow Jesus.  We must never become satisfied with the church twins Status or Quo. 

Everywhere we turn we see people; variation upon variation upon even greater variation.  All are in desperate need.  Sin has each cornered with no self-skill to escape; none.

Jesus is all hope.  Tall. Wide.  Deep.  Far.  His is the hope for everyone.

All brands of churches are to be a part of the great evangelistic drive.  None will effectively participate until a true and deep love for Jesus is prominent.

May we be a people enamoured with the style and path of the Son of God.

This is a dream that is worth Christian pursuit.

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