Tuesday, October 02, 2012


How can I be overwhelmed with excitement for the body of Christ and the kingdom of God at this age, this tenure, and this plainness?  Only God could be the response.  God makes us new....day by day.

I'm in year 36 at one office mailing address.  Wouldn't it be normal to sense the edge has gone; that the honeymoon is surely over?  Of course not for we, in Christ, have been raised to live a new normal.

I live daily with the exact same feelings I had as a kid with Christmas approaching.  I loved Christmas!  I still do.

We live in the kingdom of God.  People and circumstances can push us, pull us, split us, and make efforts to destroy us.  We don't flinch.  God runs the show and it just so happens that the pushing, pulling, splitting and destroying efforts of any enemy falls perfectly into God's plot! 

The enemy fell for the trap!  Just as it appeared for three days that Jesus was history and the enemy could lift glasses to cheer the accomplishment, a wonderful thing happened.  Jesus roared back in new form; irrevocable in dimension.

Life isn't about us.  If it were, we would be a miserable, defensive, and pouty people.  Oh yeah....that was us.  But no more.  We are a new kind of new.  We are a resurrected sort.

When Jesus came back from the dead, he wasn't just alive again.  He was a new kind of alive.  He could breeze through closed doors.  He could be several places at once because of a concept called the Holy Spirit.  Resurrection meant a new kind of new.

We possess it!  We are it!

Did God mean new when He declared we would be renewed day by day?  Oh yeah.  And He meant that we would be a completely new kind of new operating from an entirely different scope and plane of what people regard as new.

So.........live like it!

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