Monday, October 29, 2012


As time swiftly moves along I sense an unusual and constantly renewed burden for Truth.  I speak not of that old and musty grim-faced I'm right!  You're wrong!  And I can prove it! smugness that I and those of my schooling paraded.

I speak of the marvel, wonder, and immeasurable holy presence of God.

The burden of Truth is that we have no option but to get to know Him.  His utmost desire is that we know Him.  John 5:39ff is but one verification.  The Bible assumes something we easily miss; that we walk with God and He with us.

No, I spent my early decades of learning to not be about God; rather to be about why others didn't have their religious facts straight.  Yes, I could be hateful.  Yes, I could be smug.  And yes, I could deny my own deep and erratic ignorance.  None of that mattered to me for I operated in the name of You shall know the Truth....and I thought I did.

Time has proven, as recently as my study today, that I am an ignorant man.  Mind you, God is willing to use ignorant men.  Yet, my heart is flooded with excitement of assuming every day that He lets me awaken that I am about to learn insights to knowing Him that I once assumed to be liberal heresy. 

After all I had the facts because louder voices than mine assured me...and we...that I did. 


Simply wrong.

I knew a few things about the Word.  Those few things remain of the gratitudinal sense for me to this day.  But I did not know that I needed to know God.  I understood "we" needed to know we were the right ones.

God awaits our love for Him, our friendship with Him, and our worship of Him.

I'm just getting started.  What joy of excitement and hope we possess to live in the church as if it is a dream...that really lives.  The burden of Truth is the personal hunger and thirst to know the wow of our living God.

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