Sunday, September 02, 2012


I'm a new person...again.  I'm not reformed nor am I improved or more determined.

I am a new person....again.

Jesus makes me new day by day.  Enter the new me...and the new you.

Jesus was guilty of my sins and provides blemish cleanser to wash and wipe and dry.

We will eat a meal together this morning contemplating an oath God made with man...and Jesus being the ruin death by never holding our sins against us.

In our distant past a few of our Restoration debaters tangled with the Baptists about their once saved always saved claims to the extent that we may have thought we won the debate; but our fruit has been a sheepish people fearful of not possessing personal salvation. 

We are new.  Security is because of Christ; we are embedded into him.  Where he goes we go.

We are new.  And not just new for a bit; but brand new day by day.


Live like it.  Love like it.  Look like it.

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