Saturday, July 28, 2012


I know.  I'm too simple-minded.  It's a gift. 

Others are gifted in tech and detail; not me. 

So I share what I believe to be a key to connecting with people. 

Pay attention. 

No.  I'm not suggesting you pay attention to what I'm about to write.  Pay attention to those around you.

Listen to them.  Notice them.  Don't be off in some other zone but notice the person at the moment.

Pay attention to the moment; whether it be spouse, child, friend, waitress, sales person, nurse, beggar, neighbor or a begging nurse who is your neighbor who is pondering going into attention.

Yes.  Everyone needs God.  And most are going to find him through one person who looks them in the eye and pays attention.

Later there may be verses to explain or classes to attend or churches to visit.  In the beginning, though, it all starts because someone notices another.  It's that simple.

Reaching out for God is not rocket science.  It is a meaningful interest Jesus has embedded into us at baptism.  We are to see the people everywhere we go. 

This is what I know: every person ever created will have a moment(s) in his or her life when they wonder if this God concept is true.  I, therefore, plant or water others' plantings so that one day the Spirit-seed will sprout. 

Pay attention. 

It is that simple.

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