Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It took me the longest time to refrain from shopping the Bible rather than simply learning to see Jesus at work.  I had too many arguments to win and too many texts to prove.  There was no time for observing the Master at his craft; seeing people.

But here's what I've learned while watching Jesus move about earth's populated terrain.  Jesus sees the moment.

That's different from me.  I don't see the moment for I'm building vision for the future.  Jesus, though, is profound because he sees the moment.  A thirsty woman, a wee one up a tree, or an uninvited bawl-baby at his feet, Jesus sees the moment.

I like to do what I can to mimic him. 

The last time I was at Busch Stadium I saw six rows down and to my left an elderly usher snap at a four year old to "Sit down in your seat!".  She moved on unaware of the damage control needed.  Hurt feelings were strewn everywhere. 

I studied that scene for a moment as I'm trying to focus on the game.  However, I could not help but see the youngster folded in his mothers arms sobbing away as "that mean woman" had left shrapnel all over his row.

I eventually walked down to the now vacant seat and sat next to momma and child.  Excuse me for interrupting, but I go around giving dollars to good boys.  I was wondering if your son could use a dollar just now.  His face, raw with tears, turned toward me and he believed that dollar might help. 

Obviously, it did. 

May we all do what we can to sees the moment.  Jesus did.

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