Thursday, April 12, 2012


We live in an absurd world.

Tulsa is in the news at the moment due to a shooting spree on Good Friday. Two white men went on a rampage killing three African-Americans and wounding others. The Tulsa Police and others have been on it.

The guilty parties have been arrested and confessed to the crimes. Now Reverends Sharpton and Jackson are headed to Tulsa for camera time. Jesse Jackson is calling for a federal investigation.

Hello. Case solved. The guilty are in custody. The confessions are in storage. Why must the cameras continue to roll?

In the meantime God is doing marvelous things without CNN or FOX. He has this PR firm called the church that makes His moves public because the upside-down media just can't seem to pick up on His outstanding activities.

With the glut of bad news in front of our eyes, one can begin to believe God's arm no longer counts. counts. It is the only force to be reckoned. Our job is to spread the Word and the word. God is operating at highest level capacity and people are being blessed.

True. Blog, Facebook, Twitter, email, and cyberphone messages the globe in abundant overlap. However, nothing fills the air of the heavens like the public testimony of yet another thing God has accomplished.

You are/we are the PR firm for God. Go into the highways and the hedges and proclaim the many moves of God. While communities are on information overload, none have taken in too much good news which surely counters the bad surrounding us.

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