Friday, March 02, 2012


I live a dream-like life. None of it should happen; but it goes on all of the time. What's weird to me is that I have to be one of the daffiest and most clueless leaders one could ever meet. This tended to discourage me; yet, I've learned it is my trump card...weakness. I have learned to adapt to it....and it works (II Cor. 12:9).

Sunday will be so exciting! And...I am so in over my head!!!

Dan McLaughlin, television broadcaster of the St. Louis Cardinals, will be Memorial's guest speaker regarding his recovery from alcohol abuse. Leading to this event I have dealt with Dan, local media, the church, the community, and God.

Dan, I hardly know. Acquainted for the past five years in mere passing, I am amazed he is willing to make such a sacrificial trip to Tulsa. I am most grateful for his kind gesture toward us....but I can't figure why. This high-profile man has enough to focus upon without going to the trouble to speak to a people he has never met....and at a church no less.

The local media is an interesting world. Some bend over backwards to give me direction. Others have become demanding by putting pressure on me to put pressure on Dan to give them privileged interview time. Others...well they move on in life totally ignoring me.

The church is simply a buzz! These people, whether sports minded or not, are always game for a God-moment to see just what He might do next.

The community? The same reaction. There is immediate and enthusiastic interest.

And then there is God. This is the one factor I know. Because of Him I can relax and enjoy the moment(s). How Dan does, how the media reacts, how the church functions and whether guests arrive, God has all of this covered.

In my earlier years I would have fretted away the blessings via worry. But I learned to go to Jesus and find rest.

What's it like working on the fun stuff?

Well...let's just say I am in over my head and out of my league....and I just think what a privilege that God would let me get to participate in an opportunity to expand the kingdom in a fashion that I don't have the talent nor skill to create.


Jarrod Spencer said...

It is such a thrill to be a teammate with God in this great big world! I love it!

Terry Laudett said...

I saw the nice article on your guest speaker in the Tulsa World this morning. Your efforts are paying off.