Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Learning to know God, to believe God, and to follow God is over-the-top glorious!

Learning takes effort and application. The kingdom of God is not for three-times-a-week nesters whose selfish goal is to discover one's personal death to hopefully be hell-less.

This is what the law has done to some of our people. If our efforts are to be hell-less we make others twice as much the sons of hell.

Our goal is to be alive; here and now and then....then!

Jesus is Life! Abundantly at that!

We have things to learn, people to meet while we hope against hope that God still wields that famous resurrection power arm.

We are not dull.

We are not haphazard.

We are not indifferent.

We are alive. So...behave like it.

Please....don't go through life in the church with the goal of staying out of hell. Rather, live abundantly with the goal of experiencing maximum security in the over-joy of heaven; then as well as now!


Brian said...

YEAH! Great post! This one goes on my facebook!

Tim said...

Amen. Focusing on avoiding a negative never creates a positive result. In sports, it's the concept of playing not to lose. Rarely works.

Grace and peace,
Tim Archer