Monday, December 19, 2011


My head spins at the over-joy of getting to work where I do.

The Memorial Drive church isn't the only church in the town or state or world. But it is surely one of the sweetest kingdom spots and I cherish the thought of getting to be a part of it.

Saturday we had our first "Christmas Store" where we bought gifts for children and allowed parents to purchase items at a highly discounted price. Sheila Cheatham and David Combs orchestrated a stunningly amazing two hours of shopping at "Memorial's Macys"!

Several families from the community are going to have much better Christmases because this congregation captured another opportunity to bless our neighbors. About 60 of our people worked the store. It looked like a little ant farm of delightful activity. Everyone loved it!

And then early Sunday morning one of our homeless visitors over the past two months began at 5:00 a.m. and walked maybe 5 or 6 miles to get here. One of our elders found Chris curled up at the door when he came to pray with us at 7:30. So....he unlocked the doors so Chris could get in...and he even joined us to pray.

And then.....this same one responded at the invitation song and said he wanted to get to Branson, where his family lives, for Christmas; but he didn't have a way. A young couple who was visiting met him afterward and drove him from Tulsa to Branson! Another man---also a visitor---handed me money for him to travel. I have no idea how many of our own members helped with a few dollars as well.

Another of our homeless now has a home! He is sitting in our office as I write. He has a humble little apartment and David Combs will help him go to our neighboring friends at the Park Plaza Church of Christ who have a furniture ministry to get him some good stuff!

My job is to tell God how very much I live in awe and over-joy of His handiwork. It is still going on you know!


Brian said...

Give Memorial Drive a big Hug from the Aiken Church in South Carolina!

I really want the info about the Christmas store. I want us to do it next year!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this!