Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We tend to look for God somewhere within our two-day church platform of Sundays and Wednesdays (you know, those official times the church is the true church?).

So, I am still learning the ropes of the God-work among us. It doesn't necessarily come with a 13 week plan nor an embroidered Church of Christ across the waitress' apron. God uses gospel preachers, gentle courteous waitresses, and all sorts to get His theme across.

We say, Thank you, God, for being so much so vastly so often.

So this morning at 7:08 I spotted our homeless--our recently baptized--toothless Charles embarking on the same day as me. He was entering our shared corner cafe where he enters nearly every morning with purpose. He is important and he is on a mission.

What would homeless Charles find of self-importance at our cafe? Oh, he noticed my suit and tie garb. I informed him I was doing a funeral when he inquired. Immediately he moved to the back to inform the waitress; Terry has a funeral today.

She didn't know and she would not have known had it not been for Charles passing along such pertinent info which for a brief moment was known only by him.

Homeless Charles is to be found checking the cafe's thermostat with a vision of importance to any customer who might note his deliberate slumping to view the numbers through his bifocals. And then he makes his way to our space afterwards to patrol (self-assigned) the entry and halls for the operation of our Food Pantry.

I watched him again today. Isn't that just like Jesus to come to earth in one more form; that of a tall and lanky man wearing a twelve inch brace around his middle for heavy lifting....and then there's that huge gummy smile wider than his entire face?

Yes, I saw Jesus today in his unofficial, non-VBS form, officially standing in as a simple man who desires nothing more than to find someplace on this earth where someone(s) would call him important.

And the church does! The waitress does! Hopefully some scattered along his lonely path do...for he is!

And, yes, it must be mentioned that due to the grace of Father, Charles is no longer officially homeless as he moved into a very small and very humble abode just a few days ago...sort of like a modern day manger.

Entered God....again?


Anonymous said...

And isn't there some of Charles in all of us. Both in Jesus & in that craving to feel important. I guess for me the question is which one will be bigger today. Thanks for reminding me to look for Him in others.

Vasca said...

Terry, this is the sweetest post; I believe, I are a most special person who attracts the most special people. Charles is one of many, he's special. He wants to do something, to have some value to be loved!

I practice watching out for those much like Charles.
Natural evangelism...24/7...
Thank you my dear friend...
Thank you!