Wednesday, October 26, 2011


To preach or not to preach? preach or quit preaching? These are the questions for many. Shall I go into preaching? is the question for some at the moment. Shall I get out of preaching? is the flip side of the questioning coin.

The correct answer is based on the call of God. If you are looking for a 9 to5 job with security, maybe not. If you have a fire in your bones that won't let up, then absolutely set your eyes on the privilege of preaching.

Should one get out? Answer the questions above.

But there is one element I would ask you to ponder. In the line of preaching, do you really understand the many will try to beat the crap out of you and some will succeed? This cross thing isn't a point for a flannel-graph nor a power-point. It is a way of life.

Look at the guys from our tribe who are making the biggest impact and building the powerful churches. All of them have one thing in common; they are beaten to death by the brotherhood at large. The good news is they had/have it coming because of who they follow.

If you want to preach and believe you will escape the deep scars from brotherhood beatings, you need to rethink the call.

Ask Max Lucado or Rick Atchley if they have very many bad days, evil reports, or dreaded nights of private tears? I guarantee you they have been run through the grave and that's what every soldier of Christ's must face. If one tells you this doesn't need to happen, treat them as Jesus did Peter upon receiving that exact advice.

Right now I am reading a most fascinating book by Don Finto. Does anyone remember Don Finto? When I was in preaching school in the early '70s, Don Finto was the man we Pharisees mocked the most. He was a hippie who did things way out of our CoC rigidity. He was growing a church unlike the ways we did (or would if we had a church that would grow).

But I learned from being necessarily beaten by the brotherhood, we've got it coming. We are set up; not for failure, but for success by appearing as failures due to the dog-yipping streams of bad press. The good news is that this, too, is a part of our job descriptions.

Wanna preach? Check on whether you are called. And if called, you won't ever want to quit. Tears will come. Disorientation will stalk. Life in Him will always be the reward of every threatening moment.

My word to you young guys? Don't quit. And don't even think about pacifying the segment of our brotherhood who is in it for the pride of being the only ones' right. These will shoot at you and some will hit the heart with their printing presses and their Preachers' Luncheon gossip.

Do not be afraid. Do not to worry. These are the footprints of Jesus. Pain in preaching? We have it coming. The cross insists.


philip sims said...

Thanks brother, I can't not preach. So the question is moot!

jason reeves said...

Every day God uses you. You challenge us. You comfort us. You encourage us. You call us beyond ourselves to where Jesus is.

The minister to the minister: Terry Rush.

Glory to God!


Ted Kersh said...

Great word my brother. Keep on preaching.

Brian said...

You've listen and gave advice to my groans, pains, and discomfort of ministry and I am forever grateful!

Thank you for being God's man who was sent to network with fire in the bones preachers who are bent in being refine in the fires of our own "brotherhood"

Your post it riveting and needed!

DarrelM said...

Leroy Garrett has a new post on his website about this subject. It is called "Preface to Bible Talk". He has a new publication coming out and this article is the preface to his new work.

Interesting insights from a man who braved our brotherhood sixty years ago.

Michael said...

I am 21 years old and start SIBI in january. When I started looking at ministry this was the first thing I was told by one of the preacher in my area! For that i am forever grateful. I made my decided go in to full time ministry with eyes wide open and we need to call our young men to do this hard and rewarding thing! !! So think you for laying it out!