Saturday, September 10, 2011


God has always been about speech.

Commands are spoken. The church began after a sermon. We can quench the Spirit by poor speech and escalate grace by the good kind...Eph. 4:29-30. God created through speech and Lazarus came forth because he heard a voice.

No doubt, God's system operates or unravels based upon creative or destructive talk.

Positive self-talk is significant. If we say things won't work, it is weird how such self-prophesying develops failure. If we speak that all will one day be all will.

Should you have assumed I'm speaking (speaking?) of the individual, I'm not...this time. I'm speaking of the self-talk of the body of Christ.

When the arm complains about the elbow the body suffers setback. Yet, when the knee praises the ribs, something God-like invisibly permeates the body at large. Health exudes; not deficiency.

Watch our words...all of us. The ankles and the ears among us are never advantaged if the waist and the nose are off to the side negatively discussing the big toe.

God is about praise...which is proven and our talk. May we build a healthy body by watching our language.

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