Thursday, September 29, 2011


Real life is gnarly. Would that be your assessment?

Look at Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. His walk included being misunderstood, plotted against, fierce loneliness, and absolute ugly cruelty. Yet, he is the Life.

Down times are essential elements of being up. Strange, I know; but definitely the pattern of Wise Father. Jesus was at a clearly down time when jerked from the rough cross to the empty tomb. The "up" time was just around the corner. It is still known as resurrection.

The way to stay up with so many reasons to be down is to shift focus from self's misgivings and bumblings to Jesus' stamina and grace. He lifts us "up"; nothing of our own doing. I cannot do anything well unless I see Jesus do it.

I weigh my spirituality constantly for everywhere I go I encounter that I should have been/could have been....more. I am a high-flying louse of a man. My shallowness of spirit is unexaggeratedly abominable in my own sight; let alone His.

When I turn the key to my office "every" morning, the thought smacks me in the face, This church deserves a whole lot better than me. Yet, I am able to remain up.

I desire to be awesome, but lack greets me at every turn. I have reason to be irrecoverably down for I am littler than small. Yet, I am able to remain up.

So how does one as me gain the energy and drive to keep moving the way I do?


Jesus is the hope for every wanna-be. He is the pattern for each applicant. Only his way will betray and defy what human reason insists is the route to take. We make guestimates according to the practical and he delivers due to the spiritual.

He is my righteousness. Mine is all moldy. He is my Savior. My efforts wear me down. Jesus is my attorney at the Judgment with a promise that if I will admit I know him, he will return the favor to Father.

It is a significant challenge to stay up in a world of down times. Negative bantering, reported injuries, troubling threat...we are bombarded with our own undoings.


Even these have a purpose. They lead us to the only one who does Life right.


Oh yeah. Way up! Everyday way up! Why? I believe in Jesus' successes more than my combined failures. My self unravelled before I hardly got started with life.

Jesus? Ah, he becomes stronger in our hearts every day!

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