Friday, September 23, 2011


It is intensely encouraging to listen to our people discuss the interaction of the Holy Spirit with us. He does work from

Out of our past came warnings against radical Spirit involvement which flashed across lecture themes, books, and sermons. Threats of leaving the True Word of God brushed past our ears as we heard the clanging gongs and banging cymbals urging us to believe one-third of the God-head had suffered a paralyzing stroke of inactivity.

It is magnificent error to speak of the work of the Spirit as having ceased. He may work in a different manner per His choosing; yet He remains a Force among us. Our duty is to let Him have the freedom to rent out our space for Father's glory. Praise the Lord on that one!

I would assume that throughout my years I will not corner Truth; that of Father or of Son or of Spirit. I do anticipate growing in them...into their image.

To believe in the Holy Spirit is not to take on a dark doctrine of the idiotic. He is the Spirit of God in Christ Jesus promised to reside in us. He is not present for the ride. He is here to give confidence and power and life when we have simply reached the end of our ropes.


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Sherry said...

I have been learning to listen to the Spirit. What a difference this has made in my life. He is, indeed, living and active today and guiding my steps every day. I no longer just "know about" the Spirit...I know the Spirit. What a precious gift we have been given.