Thursday, August 11, 2011


We must accentuate the wonder of our God. Praise and worship and adoration are to be His...abundantly so.

But just as we grow up and lose the stunning fascination of Christmas Eve where we can hardly sleep in anticipation of Santa's wee hour visit, we likely grow dull in the realities of our God's activities among us.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

We can be in the church every day of the exact spirit of teens their first day back from summer camp. Wound up! Committed to one another! Devoted to God!

I practice avoiding becoming numb to wonder. I notice my eyes see and my ears hear and I tell Him about my gratitude. I told Him yesterday about my continued appreciation that I can still drive a car...and have such a nice car to drive.

However, I still believe we must be on guard against living very spoiled in such a rich time. Being more demanding has rushed into the church just as in secular settings. Impatience and ungrateful is not the mark of a Spirit-led believer.

Avoid being numb to wonder; first by being aware it is a viable threat and second by using your eyes to really see and your ears to really hear. I think one measuring stick as to how we are doing with this can be based on how much we tell our Father we are most appreciative.

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