Friday, August 12, 2011


When you visualize a people who love Christ with a passion, who are utterly abandoned to Him, a people who know Him well and know nothing else on earth but Him, does Sunday morning church service come to your mind? A people such as I have just described simply cannot fit--not for long anyway--into the structured mold of mainstream Christianity.

A revival of an experience of Christ in the depths will naturally issue into a longing for this indefinable thing sometimes called "church life".

What is "church life?" I do not know how to give a definition, but it is the church glorious, stunning and all-consuming; the church jealous, devouring your whole life; the church magnetic, claiming every moment of your being; the church living and free; the church winged in flight. Not a place, but a people---living in the heavenlies, constantly consumed with Him and blind to all else. The church as she once was, ought to be, can be, will be! A bride ---passionate, wooing and madly in love with her Lord and her Love. A people who know and experience Him!

Consider this, dear reader: Jesus Christ loves you. He saved you. You love Him. That is one reason you are reading this book: to know Him better. You, an individual, wish to know Him. But God never intended for you to pursue Him solely as an individual.

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