Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A false doctrine our tribe has developed is the one where the Bible is delivered and God is done talking. This hideous belief is destructive beyond measure. Many regard it as the utmost of faith foolery to believe God still speaks in the present.

Yet, His Word--His Revelation--calls for intimate relationship with Him. For too many there is very little connection with the Divine. Rather relationships are given to church buildings or toward a service project; but not with the Living Lord.....which is heresy.

We are co-laborers with God. We are co-communicators. He calls. We hear. We pray. He listens. He responds. We listen. Sadly, half of these equations have gone dead. This great disconnect/false doctrine of ours has either caused a muteness of God or else a deafness of our own.

God shares ideas with His children according to the Word; but never in violation or contradiction of it. Therefore, we can relax. We can abide in His Word. We are to pray for wisdom from above. He will send it in. How are we to know such a message if, after we have prayed, He no longer answers?

I find great joy in the "learning to listen for God" process. He gives me perpetual ideas. I study every day. I seek His input as often. A drastic change for me was to begin to believe the Bible authorizes and anticipates an authentic interaction available directly between the human and the Divine.

Some call this goofy. I call it active faith....that God still talks. We will be advantaged to listen.

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Sherry said...

It's hard to believe that we could even think that God is "done talking" to or through us...if He's not speaking, who do we listen to for guidance and direction? Other than to praise Him, why would we pray if we don't think that He's going to answer? When I'm focusing on Him and seeking Him, He always responds and many times, in unbelievable ways! When I listen, He comes through every time (Imagine that!)

I agree with you that there is pure joy in the process of learning to's almost unexplainable. I'm not always patient during the "waiting process"... and I'm not always listening. I'm still very much a learner who is finally getting that this is, indeed, a lifelong process. I am excited to see God working in my life and in the lives of my friends who are on this journey, as well.

Thankfully, God is very patient with me.

Your blogs are a great encouragement, Terry. Keep teaching and sharing as you learn and continue to grow! I appreciate your insights and kind heart.